TCBA enhances returns by creating stronger, more compelling and relevant brands that stakeholders’ desire. By delivering practical, rich insights on perceptions, attitudes and behaviours towards a brand, we help transform performance.

Our real-world solutions are comprehensive and tailored to empower businesses; we have no interest in delivering data that gathers dust and don’t measure for measurement sake.

Example product: TCBA’s Employer Brand Audit was developed with the Institute of Internal Communicators. Recognising the link between internal and external brand equity, it assesses both so that perception gaps can be reduced. This can boost employee productivity and retention, while heightening the attraction of an employer brand.

Strategy and support

TCBA’s insights, evidence and experience help create brands that influence strong and sustainable business performance. We focus not just on how a brand impacts, informs and drives marketing strategy but also how brand impacts wider business strategy too, from human resources to product development.

Example product: TCBA works with growing UK challenger brands’ founders and business leaders, providing support and guidance. We deliver an on-going brand-centric perspective and understanding that has proven invaluable to those businesses deepening and continuing their positive growth trajectory.


Whether creating a new or revitalising an existing brand, TCBA works with business leaders to create a captivating and effective brand positioning that meets stakeholders’ tangible and emotional needs. This includes grasping and articulating why the brand exists, its principles and standards, its persona and character, and its value proposition.

The positioning creates the framework that acts as a glue and foundation to the business, driving not only brand strategy but also overall business direction and decision-making. It fosters clear alignment between business departments, driving a coherent, consistent and compelling proposition that is well defined and differentiated. This positioning delivers long-term competitive advantage.


TCBA helps businesses deliver a salient, relevant and persuasive brand through assessing consumers' needs and requirements. This deep intelligence guides brand and marketing strategy, enabling businesses to maximise their potential and minimise reputational risk.

TCBA’s competitor benchmarking solutions reveal brands' performance versus peers and uncover how reputation deficits can be closed or how outperformance can be extended.

Example product: TCBA’s Trends and Insights Digests – compiled independently or collaboratively with relevant experts, influencers and analysts – provide comprehensive assessments of emerging macro and micro trends and behaviours likely to impact brand performance in the future.


TCBA’s brand tracking solutions don’t just benchmark and monitor performance, but enable businesses to understand shifts in reputational movement so strategic and tactical refinements can be made to boost brand value and maximise return on investment. TCBA’s brand trackers also identify emerging risks that can be addressed in their infancy.

Example product: Brand elicitation appraisals assess brands across key factors that are relevant and important to driving positive consumer sentiment. They also track brands against potential barriers to purchase and both key category entry and retention points.